Can Water Damage Restoration Franchises improve their ranking using local SEO?
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ProsperityPPC: 8 tips for Franchises to boost their local SEO rankings

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8 tips for franchises to boost their local SEO rankings

Franchise organizations face challenges that are different from those of small businesses. Franchises must maintain the branding of their parent company while advertising and, at the same time, appealing to the local community. From fine-tuning the Google Business Profile to creating blog posts with relevant keywords, a local SEO can help in a lot of ways to attract more customers. ProsperityPPC, a local SEO for water damage restoration companies, shares tips for franchises to improve their ranking in the search results.

1. Consistent Branding

A customer who visits a franchise would expect the same quality and nature of service and ambiance as all other company branches. In the same way, branding across all the franchises’ websites should also be consistent. The color scheme, logos, branding statements, and layout of the webpage should be the same as that of the parent company across all franchise websites. Otherwise, a customer landing on a franchise webpage may exit the page thinking they landed on the wrong website.

2. Fine-tune GMB

Using Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best ways to make a water damage restoration business visible to local customers. It is important to register the different franchises' locations on GMB so that they show up on Google maps. An expert local SEO company such as ProsperityPPC will be able to provide SEO services to fine-tune GMB settings.

3. Show the Locations

It is a good idea to show the different franchises’ locations on the company website using an embedded Google Map. Also, each franchise's opening hours, addresses, and phone numbers can be shown on the company website. These parameters will help SEO and the customers looking for the closest water damage restoration franchise open at that time of the day.

4. NAP

Name, address, and phone number (NAP) should be consistent and in the same format for all franchises on the company website, across the web, and in GMB.

5. Location-based keywords

It is good to use location-based keywords in page titles, blog headings, and body content. Ex: “Water damage restoration in Philadelphia” will help the website be easily picked up by search engines when the user does a region-based search. Keyword phrases that use local landmarks, tourist phrases, or regional names, like “located near Liberty Bell,” will also help boost the ranking.

6. Reviews

Potential customers judge the quality of a service they intend to avail by looking at the customer reviews. So, it is important to ensure that a review collecting mechanism (follows up emails, asking for reviews in the invoice) is set in place, and that satisfied customers leave reviews. For generating more leads and ranking high on google searches, positive reviews should outweigh the negatives.

7. Local Backlinks

Google considers backlinks to be votes from other websites. Hence, a webpage with more backlinks will rank higher in the search results. These backlinks are very important for local SEO. It is a good idea to ask community websites to include the franchise’s website link so that it acts as a backlink. The franchise can try collaborating with similar local services, such as fire damage restoration, and termite damage restoration, to generate backlinks from their websites.

8. Content Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy that focuses on the local population, climate, and culture needs to be developed. Blog posts can be written keeping all these local interests in mind to attract local residents.

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