How do Google Ads help water damage restoration companies?
Monday, October 10th 2022, 3:00 PM

How to create Google Ads to drive more customers into the water damage restoration business?

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How do Google Ads help water damage restoration companies?

Google Ads, formerly called Google AdWords, is now increasingly becoming the best way to drive more customers to a restoration company such as the water damage restoration business. With Google Ads, companies can target the right audience and the right location, as well as measure and monitor the number of leads obtained for continuous improvement. ProsperityPPC, an expert SEO company for water damage restoration businesses, discusses how to create Google Ads that drive more traffic in and ultimately boost sales.


1. Keywords are the key

Google sets the default keyword match to “Broad match” while setting up a Google Ads Campaign. “Broad match” caters to a wide audience and matches searches to keywords, including misspellings, synonyms, and typos. The search mechanism can be tightened to include only highly targeted traffic by setting it to “exact match” or “phrase match.” “Exact match” ensures that Google only shows the customer’s ads if the searcher uses the exact keywords. Similarly, in a “Phrase match,” Google ensures that only exact keyword phrases are matched. Negative keywords ensure that irrelevant searches are excluded. For example, if the water damage restoration business does not offer a 24-hour service, excluding searches that contain “24 hours” is a good idea. 

2. Location- targeting and language - targeting

If the customers’ water damage restoration company does not serve an entire country/many countries around the world, there is no relevance in their Google ad appearing internationally. A business that delivers within a city can set its location targeting preferences to “Radius around a location” so that the ad comes up in searches only within a certain radius around the city. This will help in keeping the budget safe as well as bring in more traffic. 

Also, if the business caters to a largely Spanish-speaking population, it makes sense to create a Google Ads campaign targeting the Spanish language. However, if the searcher’s browser is set to English language, then these ads would not appear. Hence language targeting is a good option for businesses that have a presence across the globe. Such businesses could set up individual Google Ads Campaigns for different languages. 

3. Landing web page 

The landing page is the web page the searcher is taken to once the ad is clicked. It is important to note that the landing page provides the details of the exact service advertised and is not the generalized home page of the business. For example, a business might run many kinds of restoration services. However, a search result for water damage restoration should land on their website’s page catering to that exact water damage restoration service. 

4. Remarketing and blocking competition

Remarketing campaigns on Google Ads help to reach internet users who have already clicked a company’s ad earlier. The remarketing campaigns also have options that allow excluding a business’s competition from clicking the ads unwantedly costing the business money as its pay-per-click. Get help from an expert local SEO for water damage restoration companies to keep up with the trends of Google Ads campaigns, keywords, remarking, and blocking competition. 

5. Delivery method

While creating a Google Ads campaign, the delivery method is always in its default setting. This default is the ‘standard’ delivery method, where ads are distributed throughout the day depending on the customer's budget. For faster results, especially for time-specific deals and discounts, it is good to change the campaign’s settings to “accelerated” for more traffic, so the ad is shown more during peak hours. 

Why ProsperityPPC?

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