The Common Google Business Profile Mistakes That Should Be Avoided
Friday, August 5th 2022, 10:00 PM

ProsperityPPC: Avoid These Mistakes in Google Business Profile to Improve GBP Ranking

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The Common Google Business Profile Mistakes to Avoid

Google Business Profile is a platform that increases the visibility of the business. It is primarily for the use of businesses that focus on providing region-based services in their locality rather than those looking for national or global exposure. To remain ahead of the competition, a water damage restoration company must have a Google Business Profile. When a customer performs a search for water damage repair, the Google business page should provide accurate information about the company’s business.  ProsperityPPC shares the common ‘Google Business Profile’ mistakes business owners make.


1.Incomplete/ Incorrect information

GBP details must be updated regularly. Common missing pieces of vital information are phone numbers, opening hours, and company website URLs. If these bits of information are not correct or available, a potential customer will not know how to get in touch with the business. They will reach out to a competitor company and this leads to a loss. Hence, the business has to make sure that its GBP information is accurate at all times.

2. Ignoring reviews

Responding to customer reviews is a great way to create the impression that the business listens to the suggestions and comments from their clients. Both positive and negative reviews have to be addressed equally. It is important to keep in mind that negative reviews should be taken as creative criticism and addressed with tact. A potential customer reading the review in the future should not get the idea that the company’s replies are rude and insensitive. 

3. Not using Google Q & A

Q & A is a relatively new feature in GBP and business owners may not be aware of its potential. If questions posted by customers are not answered on time, they may lose interest or even get incorrect answers from elsewhere. Also, it is a good idea to post frequently asked questions in the Q & A section which can help customers save time with their queries. 

4. Underestimating photos

Most customers have a look at the photos on the GBP pages they visit. Hence it is vital to post high-resolution photographs which showcase the service and the company. 

5. Map pins and located-in

Map pins are frequently overlooked or in the wrong place. When a customer arrives using a GPS navigation system, a wrongly placed map pin can lead them to an incorrect location. Hence, it is essential to ensure that map pins are properly placed. Additionally, Google now allows adding a “located-in” attribute using which business owners can specify if their business is located inside a shopping center or any other building. 

6. Add Health and Safety attributes

Google’s new feature allows the business to specify whether they require appointments, require masks for employees or customers, and if staff and customers get temperature checks. These attributes are also appearing now on Google Search and Google maps. It is good to specify these in the GBP in post-pandemic times.

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