Larry Hickman 


In 2006 I took my first exciting (and scary!) step into being an entrepreneur and with a partner founded Buyer’s Real Estate Property Management. 
We scaled to $1.44 Million in first year, and that company is now the second largest apartment complex property management company in Alaska. 
Fast forward several years and I become the Director of Marketing & Sales for a regional green energy construction company helping them transition from traditional advertising methods (billboards/radio, etc.) to digital advertising (Google Ads, Bing!), resulting in growth from $2.3 Million to $3.68 Million in Annual Revenue.
This is where I cut my teeth in digital advertising; learning some very valuable lessons on how this game is played.
So in 2017 when I decided to wade back into the entrepreneurial waters, it was a natural fit to provide digital advertising services to the home services industry, and thus ProsperityPPC was founded.
Like all businesses, we started out with our first client, and grew from there. 
Today our fulfillment team consists of 32 Certified PPC Professionals and support staff, who are trusted to manage a little over $3 Million+ per month in Ad Spend.
We help water damage restoration and mold remediation companies doing $500K to $10 Million annually keep their empoyees in work and prosper online.
I know how important is to have a marketing partner that is transparent and focused on your R.O.I.
Afterall, I'm a business owner too, so face similar challenges and opportunities.
If you are looking to grow your revenue, I'd happily chat with you to learn about your unique business situation, so that I can offer you the best insights and point you in the right direction. 


Our typical client adds $360K in new revenue the first year working with us. We take the guesswork out of online marketing, saving you time and resources so you can focus on running and growing your restoration and mold removal business.


Larry Hickman

6280 Prairie Hills Vw
Colorado Springs, CO, 80923-3560, United States

Phone (610) 222-5653


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